Why Choose Our Studio

Our Motto is simply “It’s All About Family” !

At RJ Studios our motto is simply “It’s All About Family”, that means giving our family clients our very best! Every detail is controlled; light, composition, clothing and color harmony.

We offer an experience of a lifetime!

RJ Studios is a boutique portrait studio focusing on the unique experience of each individual. We specialize in family beach portraiture mixed with vibrant and artistic imagery, allowing us to offer an experience and quality level not seen around here.

Free Family Portrait Consultation !

We meet with you before your portrait session to find out who you are and what makes you tick. We will discover your hobbies, interest, likes and personality so that we can plan a session that best captures your uniqueness. We prefer to have the Portrait Consultation in your home but if you are not from the area we can provide this service over the phone.

The best guarantee anywhere !

The area’s best family portraiture comes backed by this no-hassle, no-risk guarantee: If you are not happy with your portrait originals and there’s nothing that can be done to correct your concerns in the finished portraits, you can have additional poses taken to your liking at no extra cost, or you can choose to have your entire session fee refunded plus five dollars for your trouble !






“I love my job”!  I hope every family member we photograph this year will venture into life and find something that they are PASSIONATE about. Because it makes ALL the difference in the world—doing what you love to do and doing it well—with balance in your life. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Really, what I do is awesome. Photography is my artistic outlet, my business and my passion.
But here’s the deal: what I love most about photography is creating art out of real life. Finding the heart of a person and revealing it in a photo. The real person. The real you. It’s the heart that I really strive to capture: who you”are” more than what you “look like”. Sure, lots of people in my photos are gorgeous on the outside, but that’s not true beauty. I don’t want to take your picture, I want to capture your real laugh and your genuine smile. The “you” that shines through to the world when you don’t even know you’re shining.

It’s all about Family:



Portraits better than you ever Imagined!

We always take the time to “Fuss” so everything looks right, to make your portraits better than you ever imagined. We go above and beyond to make you look your best.


Our Advantages
1Only One Family Session
Photographed per Evening!
All of our family sessions allow you as many family breakdowns and poses you would like. We only photograph one family per evening so match your style and personality as long as we have sunlight remaining.
2Your Family Portrait Created on your Family Vacation!
Where ever your vacation may be we can be there to create once in a lifetime memories of your family. Your vacation is one of the only times your entire family may be together. What a great opportunity to create a wonderful Family Portrait.  Call for more information.
3Creating the
Perfect Family Portrait!
Beautiful rich skin tones, retouched to perfection. Not off color and blemished. The perfect background to match your outfit and mood. A pose that flatters you. A look to match your style. You have choices at RJ Studios.
4Choosing the right
Family Photographer !
We offer a guide to help you choose the right photographer for your family portraits. Regardless of who you choose we want you to know the right questions to ask and know you have choices. Call us and we will send you a copy asap.


Fabulous Family Portraits in Southern Delaware by RJ Studios
Karen and Ray Dayton have graced our home with the most beautiful family portrait we have ever had done. The tones and color of the ocean background, the grasses, and the sand all blend so naturally together. The pose, the expressions, the retouching, and the light in the portrait are the products of a very skilled team. Distance and work schedules were a challenge in completing our portrait, but Karen and Ray were always patient and continuously guided us with choice of outfits, the selection of frames, and even our Christmas cards when we could not be there. We could not be more pleased. We have never had so many compliments. They are both extremely professional and we highly recommend their studio for your next family portrait.